A new date for your diary … 9/7/2022

The 4th Open Piano Platform starts at 10am on Saturday, July 9th, 2022
Participants pay £1 to play, audience admission is free

The venue for Bristol Open Piano Platform concerts is 
St Francis’ Church, 278 North St, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 2AN

Please email Daniel Lloyd by midnight on Wednesday 6th July giving your name and the name and rough grade level of the piece you would like to play.

Bristol Open Piano Platform is a regular informal performance opportunity open to any pianist – young or old, beginner or diploma level. Participants pay £1 to play a piece of their choice on a grand piano. Family and friends are welcome, admission free. 

Refreshments are available for a small charge.

Players will be sent a running order a day or two beforehand. Please arrive in good time for your performance – remember, some pianists may play for less than 5 minutes!! Players who miss their allocated time (or apply after the deadline) are welcome to play but must wait until the published list of performances has been completed.  The event will finish no later than (high!) noon.

Anticipation of performance encourages pianists to practise more often and more effectively
Watching other performers and hearing other pieces can inspire and motivate
Seeing a period of intense preparation through to a conclusion builds self-esteem
Performing builds confidence to perform both socially and for graded assessments
Regular performance helps dispel performance anxiety
Regular performance teaches players to play through mistakes
Regular performance helps players (eventually!) to enjoy the moment and take a gracious bow

Published by Daniel Lloyd

Pianist, teacher, composer, author.

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